Find Our Voice Conference

Newfoundland and Labrador Stuttering Association (NLSA) is offereing This virtual conference includes a viewing of the award-winning documentary ‘When I Stutter’ followed by a forty-five minute panel discussion moderated by CBC’s Cecil Haire with special guest John Gomez, filmmaker and director of ‘When I Stutter.’

Whether you are a person who stutters (PWS), a supporter of a PWS, a speech-language pathologist, educator, or a mental health professional, everyone is welcome to attend this worthwhile event which will increase awareness and education about stuttering and foster a sense of community among people who stutter.

A picture that is taken over the shoulder of a person who is on a conference call with a lady. You can see she has earphones in as you can see the wire, there is a silver and black laptop in from on her with a lady on it with black hair and glasses and her hands are caught in mid motion. one hand is extended toward the person in front of the computer, and the other one has her index finger straight up as if she is counting

Soul Connection hub is sponsored by Cochrane Street United Church