Foraging for Beginners

Find your food in the wilderness. Safely and with confidence. Join us for a virtual presentation with Shawn Dawson of "The Foragers Dinner". Get back to nature and get something to eat! hosted by A.C. Hunter, Marjorie Mews Public Library, and 2 others.
Email to register with your library card. No card? No problem residents of Newfoundland and Labrador can visit‚Äč and "Become a Member
the background is a outdoors scene filled with twigs, grass, brushes and trees. There is a person wearing red rubber boots walking into the area away from the picture with 2 baskets on each side of them. one is filled with mushrooms and other items you could find outside. in the bottom left corner is a brown retangular card shape with the workds A. C. Hunter Public Ligrary in white letter with For aging for Beginners in capital black letters under it.

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