Meditation and Satsang

Meditation sessions that help with life’s challenges

In the company of spiriutal guide Meranda Squires and others, Meditation and Satsang is a sacred space of empowerment for experienced meditators and those who are meditating for the first time.

Sessions begin with a 45-minute silent meditation moving into Truth Speaks discussions called Satsang.

Truth Speaks is a yoga philosophy perspective on everyday topics such as, “how do I handle anxiety at work?”, “how do I handle relationship challenges?”, as well as deeper life questions such as, “what is death?” “what is enlightenment?” and others.

Meditation and Satsang concludes with a 15-minute meditation

5 women wrapped in shawls holding red beads sitting on big green pillows on a carpeted floor Meranda in sitting in the center with a purple shawl and in front of her is a large bowl, a pitcher of water with some glasses and a single candle light on a candle stick holder. they are in a room and there are pale yellow walls behind them and there is art work on the walls but you can only see the edges. each woman is sitting with legs tucked under each other.

Soul Connection hub is sponsored by Cochrane Street United Church