Stable & Safe program

Empowering Women & Girls to Feel Safer + Stronger Together.
Violence Prevention Avalon East (VPAE) and Stable Life Inc - Spirit Horse NL have begun a new partnership to offer a program to deal with an influx of increased gender based violence and mental health issues during the Covid 19 Pandemic. VPAE received funding from the Canadian Women's Foundation under the Safer + Stronger Grants Program to support the ability to help address, prevent and reduce gender based violence. The Spirit Horse NL program model will offer over 1000 hours of direct equine-assisted support and trained peer support over an 8-week program beginning in June. Erin Gallant, Program Director of Stable Life Inc says” This project is extremely important as we all have mental health to take care of, The Covid 19 pandemic will not only see a rise in gender based violence as well as mental health issues. We need to start early intervention programs that target learning coping skills, empowerment, and resiliency.” Val Barter, Executive Director of Violence Prevention Avalon East says “Without this support from the Canadian Women’s Foundation (WAGE) this program would not be possible, we need to start early with educating Women and Girls on self-care, mental health techniques, healthy relationships, and boundaries. We are very excited to partner with Erin for this amazing life-changing program”.
For more information about the Stable & Safe Program or to register contact Valerie Barter, Executive Director of Violence Prevention Avalon East by email or text at 1-709-757-0137


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a solid light blue background across the top in the center are 3 squares with logos in them. the 1st one is the Canadian Women's Foundation (which is all white with the name in black and what looks to be a multiple colors) the middle one has a purple and white butterfly taking up almost the whole square it has a white background and across the top is says Violence Prevention Avalon East in green letter, and the last one is the Stable NL lol which is 2 horses facing each other in a green house outline shape and Staple Life in black letter. Under the 3 pictures are the words Stable & Safe Program in big white lettering.

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