Town of Torbay's Outdoor Movie

Join the Town of Torbay as they offer an outdoor movie for the whole family to enjoy.
The Cost is $10 for a family up to 5 and the location is Torbay Common Green Space, 8 Kinsmen Place, Torbay. Every 2 weeks there will be a different kids movie playing.
Register online through e-services:
in the background is a faint picture of the outdoors with a large screen set up with a picnic cloth with 2 large red and white striped containers of popcorn. in the lower left corner is the Town of Torbay logo which is a circle outline with a wave with a outline yellow bird flying shape with beautiful in small letters next to it all above the word torbay which is in dark blue all lower case letters. in the middle of the picture in large dark blue letters it says OUTDOOR MOVIE

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