two-night retreat hosted by Yorabode and Ease

Mother’s Day can be tough for lots of people for many reasons. This year we are hoping to make it a whole lot easier. This holiday can be an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful mothers in our lives, but it can also be painful or isolating for many. Despite the overwhelmingly positive narrative that we see in the media, it can be a difficult reminder of trauma for some. From mothers who’ve lost children and children who’ve lost mothers to those struggling
with infertility, those who have strained relationships or are having difficulty starting a family, Mother’s Day weekend can be tricky.

This year, we want to hold space by providing an experience to look forward to instead. WELL: an experience a two-night retreat hosted by Yorabode and Ease at the Hew & Draw Hotel in Cornerbrook from May 12th to May 14th, 2023. This unique wellness retreat situated on the beautiful west coast of Newfoundland will provide a safe space to slow down to focus on well-being. From scent design and candle-making workshops to daily meditation and hiking, this weekend is all about reconnecting to yourself. Cold water therapy, mindful meals and a rooftop hot tub will provide the perfect self-care experience. We understand that self-care can be a luxury. We recognize thatnopportunities like this are usually afforded by privilege. Therefore, we will give away one spot for this retreat, along with a stipend for travel costs, to someone in our community completely free of charge. Nominations are open until May 9, 2022 with the winner contacted on May 13

We have been receiving beautifully heartfelt nominations. With permission, we are sharing some. Here is one below for a woman who lost her son to suicide:

“[She] lost her young adult son a few years ago and has been on a mission to keep his memory alive since. She is very active in mental health well-being, promotion and charity work. She is super talented (gifted actually) at decorating and creating décor for the home and puts a unique spin on many pieces to reflect the love that she shared with her son. She works hard to keep her mind and body busy.. I think she would benefit from this retreat to give her mind a well deserved rest”.

4 material covered chairs around a round dark wooden table and in the back ground in a green tiled wall with a lite fireplace in the middle of it and there are 2 stock piles of wood, one on each side of the fire place.

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