Winter Outdoor Skills Overnight course

If you have always wanted to try winter camping now is your chance! Up your wilderness game and confidence in remote areas with this this overnight course, a must-have for back country hikers, paddlers and campers. With our top of the line winter gear and our well seasoned guides your experience is guaranteed to be a wilder one.

Course will have a practical component, where students can practice wilderness skills. We provide: - 4 season tent - Winter sleeping bag & thermorest - Stove - Dinner - breakfast Topics: 1) Trip preparation and packing for the backcountry a.

Trip planning b. The Ten Essentials c. Gear and Equipment (stoves, tents, sleeping systems, clothing) 2) Basic Wilderness Skills a. Shelter (standard and emergency shelter) b. Fire starting, stoves and basic camp cooking c. Signalling/Communication d. Wildlife defence e. Technology in the backcountry f. Evacuation planning g. Basic water safety (river crossing, boating, etc) 3) Emergency Wilderness First Aid a. Scene Assessment b. Activating EMS c. Patient assessment d. Treatment of life-threatening emergencies e. Recognizing and treating hypothermia and frostbite

there is a large gray circular tent set up on a blanket of snow in the middle of a wooded area during the daylight

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