what's good around St. John's - September 2022

good things on the go around now in Newfoundland & Labrador

September seems like a whole new year. Back to school, change in weather, all things fresh and different.

It’s  a great time for road trips. The scenery is beautiful, the roads are decent and there’s lots to linger at along the way.  Keep an eye out for ‘don’t miss out’ signs - there’s fresh produce at Ripple Trail Farm Roadside stand at Whitbourne, fish cakes at Argentia turn-off , sausage dogs at Joey’s Lookout by Gambo are for sale at various spots - chances are you’ll be glad you stopped.

berry pickin’ time

Good year on berries! On the hills, blueberries have been ripe for ages, but certain experts say they’re sweetest after Labour Day.  Black Currant bushes are still delivering!  If there’s none in your garden, you can fix that next year. Make a note to visit Holland Nurseries June 2023.


Is it just us, or does it seem like there are puppies everywhere! Two greenrocker families got puppies last spring, and it’s all gone to the dogs since.  Chewy, naughty, friendly, wriggly puppy bundles are spreading joy and a bit of havoc everywhere they go.

bye to the ped mall

All summer long people have loved the Walking on Water vibe.  Shopping, eating ‘out’, wandering, watching, listening, skateboarding, all awesome. Two greenrockers got out to celebrate a birthday way back in July at Boca. The Ped Mall wound up on September 5.

summer on the sea

greenrocker Amanda had an awesome day on the water with A Wilder Experience. She’s known to be an expert cod-catcher, but the Wilder Experience was her first foray into sea-kayaking.  It was a grand adventure around Cape Broyle, and she didn’t catch a codfish, but found out how to crack a sea urchin. Salty!

#CapeBroyle #AWilderExperience #SeaKayaking 

Megan Doyle is in the right and Amanda Russell is on the left. Doyle is a friend that went on this 1st time kayaking experience. She had never done it before.
Megan Doyle is in the right and Amanda Russell is on the left. Doyle is a friend that went on this 1st time kayaking experience. She had never done it before.

circus in town

Kids were smiling for miles - in July when Mount Pearl got a Big Top and the circus came to town. And so were the dads!

And there is more circus to come!  The always mesmerizing troop of Wonderbolt Productions has got the 5th annual St. John’s International Circus Fest on the go September 21 - 25.  And this is Wonderbolt’s 40th anniversary! Happy Anniversary!

on the move in Avondale

In case you were wondering aout the buzz around Avondale, this is it: Eastbound Interntaional Speedway & Dragway. Drag races, moto cross, Monster Trucks, Concerts… all that and more.  There’s always something on the go.  This family had a great adventure there. 

backyard gardening

greenrocker and backyard grower Melissa had an awesome summer. Way back at the beginning of the summer she picked up some seedlings from Lester’s Farm, and right now this first-time tomato grower is reaping the rewards of the cherry tomato harvest!  The best part is eating the delicious-ness of fresh veggies with her family.

#StJohnsGardening #BackyardGardening #UrbanGardening 

things to look for this fall

  • Registration is open at Shakti Yoga for prenatal yoga, flow, neurogenic and YYT Teacher Training
  • Take ownership of your life! The Lotus Centre has a special ‘Master Your Problems’ Workshop coming up September 25 and 26 - online and in-person.
  • Live Music at the Kula!  It’s THE hot new venue for small crowd great music. Yoga Kula Co-op has a fall concert series with Sarah Hansen October 5 and Sherry Ryan November 5. 
  • My New St. John’s is back! Last year the City of St. John’s ran the first My New St. John’s one-day event, and it’s bigger and better for 2022. Keep an eye out for details - it’s happening October 17 and 18 at the St. John’s Community Market.

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