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affordable digital marketing for NL companies

Are you a local company trying to get the word out so that you can connect with more people?  Want to get Known?  Stand Out?  Grow?

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Newfoundland and Labrador is home to thousands of amazing companies -  like yours - that make products and services that solve problems and meet needs.  
Thriving local businesses create local, social, and green benefits for people, and build sustainable communities. That's what we're looking for! 
So we built Guide to the Good - the social enterprise digital marketing company - to promote local choices here and everywhere.  It's working!  If you’re

NL-owned, NL-operated, NL-headquartered and

you bring benefits to the community

You're invited to sign on as a Change Maker with Guide to the Good!  

We’ll put together your original, SEO-optimized landing page, link all the bits of your digital footprint on the Guide to the Good website, in the company of other like-minded businesses, and we'll promote you to your target audience so that you can reach your ideal client FASTER and more EFFECTIVELY.

We're all about smart digital marketing that works. 

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be a g2g Change Maker


We’re a community growing awareness and gaining market share for local companies. 

We use smart tech, big hearts, and fierce love for this marvelous terrible place. 

Together we can flourish.

Change Maker helping Newfoundland and Labrador Companies Get Known Stand Out and Grow.  Image:  prow of blue dory cutting through open water