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green guide

change takes time

and critical mass. we are stoked to be building this info page about companies and resources who contribute to reducing waste and contributing to a circular economy. ‘Zero Waste’ is the phrase we use because it’s got traction, but really it’s about practicing systems that best utilize resources at the immediate, short and long term.  right now most of the focus is in the greater St. John's metro area, but we will grow.

the Covid-19 pandemic is a reminder writ large that connection to each other and the planet is fundamental. it's also showing that adapting to change is something we humans can do very well when we need to. 

the guiding principle is that there is no ‘away' -  everything comes from somewhere and it goes somewhere. it just may be out of sight.

given our focus on local, social, and green, it’s no surprise that companies on Guide to the Good are leaders in the local movement. you can find them by keying in ‘zero waste’ on the site, and look for the zero waste icon  when looking at listings and profiles.  there are a growing number of zero waste stores that strive for the least!

outside Guide to the Good, we are totally inspired to develop a base of resources that support the local circular economy.  

leading the charge is the Zero Waste Action Team of the Social Justice Cooperative of Newfoundland and Labrador they have regular meet-ups and a newsletter. their motto is ‘do what you can, where you can, when you can’ and Sophie, one of the amazing members (member too of the former Zero Waste Canada Chapter) has developed this awesome graphic to help guide people on the road to zero waste. 

Zero Waste Where Do I Start?

if you’re new to the movement, first things first: there are more than three Rs! waste management reduction starts with RETHINKING your consumption habits, saying no to what you don’t need - REFUSE.  use less - REDUCE. keep a good thing going - REUSE.  then there's ROT - let the organic thing compost away.  lastly is the RECYCLE option, which is good for materials like aluminum cans. sidering the zillion ways to keep things out of the landfilll.

and there are many resources for building a strong community! 

  • there's an online platform that connects local food businesses to non-profit organizations to donate any good, unsold food that they have! This is food that would otherwise end up in landfill and create toxic GHG emissions. Our mission is No Waste; No Hunger.   check it out here -

  • Food First NL offers great tips and strategies on reducing food waste

  • reThink Waste Newfoundland and Labrador - a government-sponsored initiative that gives improved options for waste throughout the province - 

we’ll keep adding to this list! send your ideas to
compost bucket from Island Compost

boots in for repair at the Modern Shoe Hospital

toothbrushes being put in a TerraCycle box for recycling put out by the dental hygiene studio

three students active at an environmental trade show

four large plastic containers of body product at the refill station at St. John's Soap Works

textile recyling bin in Mount Pearl

cold water in glass decanters

Kim Le Tailor Shop