build business, build community

With human connection and smart digital tech, Guide to the Good is the social enterprise dedicated to building sustainable communities in NL.

Guide to the Good is the online and outreach platform promoting LOCAL, SOCIAL and GREEN choices for purchase and lifestyle to people in Newfoundland and Labrador, and for export all over the world.  We share stories about how to buy, eat, and experience the amazing things NL has to offer and the people who make it happen.

We built it because we believe Newfoundland and Labrador is the greatest place in the world to be.  And because small business, community organizations, and not-so-small business all have a role to play in building thriving communities, we build three programs of engagement.  

Guide to the Good ChangeMaker

Guide to the Good ChangeMaker is the foundation program of Guide to the Good social enterprise. It's an affordable, comprehensive digital marketing package created exclusively to help Newfoundland and Labrador companies thrive in the digital world.

ChangeMakers are local entrepreneurs who bring top quality goods and services to market, and are helping build a thriving future for this place.

ChangeMakers are supported by SEO-optimized landing pages, digital marketing training and supports, great content, and a human community.

When locally-owned, locally-operated, and locally-headquartered companies thrive, communities thrive.  Guide to the Good helps build business, and together we help build sustainable communities.

ChangeMakers are all over the Guide the Good website.  

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Guide to the Good GROWER

Guide to the Good GROWERS are organizations, NGOs, municipalities and other entities that build local, social and green strengths through the services and supports they offer the ecosystem.  

GROWERS contribute to community resilience in so many ways, but often the community does not know the depth of what’s being offered, if it’s for them, or how to get involved.

Guide to the Good GROWERS SPLASH! campaigns share, celebrate and promote the strengths and services of GROWERS to connect the supports with those who need them, use them to make community stronger.

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Guide to the Good Community Builder

Community Builders are leading. locally-connected established companies that create structure, stability and a firm foundation for local companies to start,
grow and thrive. 

They support small business growth, inspire entrepreneurs, and build shared identity.

Guide to the Good’s ‘Community Builders’ program creates a direct opportunity for not-so-small local companies to support small local companies, let us share and celebrate their stories and history, and create community connection, share identity, nurture social value, and support a sustainable future for NL.

Community Builders create jobs, opportunities, move and shake and help shape our culture.

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