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We're doing this.  We're going for great vibes and lots of new traffic with the Community Spirit Treasure Hunt.

We are strong together. Social Posting is key!  The Social Media table is meant to channel our group power and make posting easy for busy people. Feel free to post as much as you like, and please share when others post!

Also please include the Community Spirit Treasure Hunt in your newsletter/outreach.  There's suggested text in the last row of the table below.

And we'll be by to do a livestream!  



Community Spirit Treasure Hunt Questions (WILL GO LIVE ON FRIDAY)

Click here for English Form

Link here for French Form.


Download paper forms

Click here to download English Form

Link here to download French Form



Facebook handles for all participants are below.  But facebook is finicky and does not always pick them up if you copy and paste.  Please take a few moments to 'cursor over the @ sign to ensure they're added to your post!

Hashtags - please add the hashtags below as well as others that suit you!

Community Spirit Facebook Event link - https://fb.me/e/3bXjqDyPa 

Link to Treaure Map - WILL BE ADDED FRIDAY

Community Spirit Logos and Headers - sent via email



Date Content Handles Hashtags Link
April 1, 2022

The @CommunitySpiritTreasureHunt is on and we’re part of it!  

Get in on the energy, get your Treasure Map, and visit all the destinations this month! 

You might win a Dominique Hurley Original!

Download the Community Spirit Treasure Hunt Kit to play.

@thegroundsatmurrays  @ElainesBooks   @RocketChurchillSquare   @FoodForThoughtStore

@TheOutfitters   @posierow210   @nlchocolateco 

@tval.skincare   @JohnnyRuthNL   @thenaturalvibe 

@TheSeedCompanyNL   @GuideToTheGood  @DominiqueHurleyIntuitiveArt  


#CommunitySpiritTreasureHunt   #GoLocalBeVocal

#GuideToTheGood   #DominiqueHurleyIntuitiveArt






Click here to copy Link to English Form


Link here to copy French Form.

Week 2 (April 8-14)

X marks the spot!  We’re (YOUR COMPANY) a location in the @Community Spirit Treasure Hunt.  Visit us,  answer two clues, and you’ll be one step closer to winning a Dominique Hurley Original!      

Same as above

same as above

Link to Community Spirit Treasure Map
Week 3 (April 15-21)

The @CommunitySpiritTreasureHunt continues!  Come find clues for your chance to win!   

Visit us at (YOUR ADDRESS) and join the fun!

Same as above

same as above

We will send image closer to the date
Week 4 (April 22 - 29)

It’s not too late!  Take a trip downtown and find answers to more than half the clues in the @Community Spirit Treasure Hunt!  

Downtown done? Check the Churchill Square, Torbay Road Mall, and make your way out to Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s! 

Submit your entry by 5 pm on Saturday April 30 at The Grounds, or online!


same as above

same as above

Link to Treasure Map
April 30



Submit your entry by 5 pm TODAY Saturday April 30 at The Grounds, or online!


same as above

same as above

will forward image of box at the grounds

Join the Community Spirit Treasure Hunt this April

We've teamed up with Guide to the Good, Intuitive Artist Dominique Hurley, and 10 other awesome local businesses for a community-wide art exhibition Treasure Hunt that will get the Community Spirit flowing! 

Players have a chance to win a Dominique Hurley original (up to $500 value).

On April 1 the Community Spirit Treasure Hunt Map and Clues will be released at https://www.guidetothegood.ca/g2g-stories/treasure-hunt and https://www.dominiquehurley.com/TreasureHunt

The hunt continues through the month of April. Play in English and French.  Fun for the whole family!  For more info visit https://www.guidetothegood.ca/g2g-stories/treasure-hunt