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change has come!  the warmest and sunniest of Junes has become July, the whales and the capelin are on the go.  the snow that flattened the Avalon is a hard-to-believe memory and everything is growing.   that's the focus of the new Guide to the Good feature!

we've made it from COVID-19 Level 5 to Level 3 and now Level 2, Water Street is closed to vehicles and our local companies are growing their business in new ways and in old ways. 

as restrictions ease, we focus on growing a sustainable community! local food is an obvious first stop. supporting and growing local companies is a smart sustainable move that brings together flourishing communities.

.for the #getgrowing feature, we'll be poking around at different ways local builds sustainable! 

check back as the story unfolds...

the pix down the side

  • snowmageddon snow hung on for a long long time
  • farmers out in the field prepping for the season
  • good growth all around - encouraging signs after a long winter
  • City of St. John's supports the growing of grass at Quidi Vidi Lake
  • buckets for carrots and flowers were a great Mother's Day gift for Nanny, who is social distanced
  • slinging the dirt!  we bought a scoop of dirt from Murray's Meadows garden Centre, and borrowed truck to move it in

the intro livestream

  • we went live on the front steps on a sunny June 7 to share the cool things that are coming up!

We Got This series

  • We Got This is a new project that nurtures resilient, locally-focused communities in a post Covid-19 Newfoundland and Labrador.  it’s a multi-episode, fresh and original livestream series that informs, educates, and inspires the community and offers practical tools to take action as we move forward.
  • on June 30,  we visited The FARM and chatted with Trina Porter, Wandalee Porter and Molly

Look for the Good   

Inside Scoop

  • the Inside Scoop shares info on cool things happening in the community from those making it happen and those who understand it. 
  • check out our visit with Evan Murray of Murray Meadows Farm, and The Grounds Farm to Fork Cafe at Murray's.  we recorded six feet apart at the brand new greenhouse eating space on July 2, 2020!


community think tank

  • are you planting this year? 
    • yes in the earth
    • yes in containers
    • yes - community garden
    • no - not planting this year
  • share your intent at the bottom of the home page!

great golos coming up!


and more! 

and we'll see what else shows up! 

a pile of dirty April snow behind a tree trunk on a sidewalk

a farmer's field with trees in the background,and a man sowing something from a yellow bucket

new shoots and leaves growing up from dead growth

sign saying 'Watch the Grass Grow' indicating that grass  has been planted in the area

teenaged girl smiling brightly, holding two container gardens.  one reads Nina's Carrot Patch and the other reads Nina's Flower Garden

woman shoveling soil into container tubs top of a small shed