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Building NL Business Capacity

Microbusiness Business Exchange conversation with local, social, green, diverse, inclusive business in NL

This Event Has Concluded - Click here for the Recap!

Build Local Business Capacity business exchange is created to help small business entrepreneurs and communities throughout the province THRIVE! 

Guide to the Good exists to build sustainable communities, and we're kicking off 2024 with an amazing half-day exchange session developed for small business and social enterprise.


will share their ideas and experiences at the fore, and all partipants will join in round table exchanges.  

Registration closes end of day January 24  In order to cover cost and to improve partcipation, to attend live is $25, and $10 to attend online.  If that cost is a barrier to anyone, email with the subject line, 'waive fee'.  We are able to offer a small travel stipend to participants coming from off the Avalon.


Local, Social, Green, Diverse, Inclusive microbusiness builds a fluorishing future

With collaboration, access to resources, and good supports, microbusiness will continue driving NL's economy towards a more just, resilient, and environmentally sustainable future. Join the conversation on January 25!

The exchange will begin with a moderated panel conversation, then open up to the live and online audience for input. 

In the thread of Zita Cobb's approach to community development, the questions will explore a version of her famous five, "What do we know? What do we have? What do we love? What do we miss? What can we do about it?". 

Here's some of what we know...

  • Local, social, green, diverse, inclusive, business are often underrepresented in the economy
  • Microbusinesses are vital to building a sustainable and inclusive economy in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Small local businesses create jobs and empower entrepreneurship, with over 50% of all businesses having between 1-4 employees
  • Small ventures champion diversity and inclusion, providing opportunities for women, youth, Indigenous peoples, and other underrepresented groups
  • Microbusinesses in NL are leading sustainability efforts, from local food production to clean technology startups
  • Initiatives that support microbusiness growth in rural and remote communities strengthen economies across the province

Let's see what we have, what we love, what we need, and what we can accomplish together!


Building Local Business Capacity is an event built by community! 

Thanks to community-minded supporters:


Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, IET, Community Capacity Building

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Gold Sponsors

Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union Logo, gold sponsor of Building Local Business Capacity     Community Business Development Corporation 

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This business exchange is a project of Guide to the Good, social enterprise of thegreenrock ~ Live Sustainably NL Inc, with support from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Community Capacity Building.