season of sharing

so many things are different in 2020 ~ but there are still lovely things to look forward to this giving season!

even in pandemic times, we can still connect with the things that matter in our communities.  we started at sunrise on December 1!

guide to the good Seasonal Story Tours!

  • way back in the summer we started working on Story Tour Maps, an ArtsLife to Work collaboration with The Murphy Centre.  we're really excited to get them out there! first up, Give Social!

Give Social

Give Social Story Tour Cover

Give Style

guide to the good Give Green Story Tour

Give Comfort and Joy Story Tour

Inside Scoop

  • the Inside Scoop shares tips and trade secrets from local leaders who are making change and doing the awesome things - check out how they go here - Past Inside Scoops. for the Season of Sharing, Reverend Miriam Bowlby of Cochrane Street United Church talks about Christmas, Christians and commercialism!

a Shout Out from HuffPost, with special nod to the markets hub!

screen shot of huff post shout out


a visit from Gerri Lynn Mackey and a story on VOCM

image of Gerri Lynn Mackey of VOCM holding a microphone

#season of sharing stories

  • new mom Rebekkah Boone is talking about her green Christmas presence!

toddler reaching for a red paint bottle

We Got This series

  • We Got This nurtures resilient, locally-focused communities in a post COVID-19 Newfoundland and Labrador.  it’s a multi-episode, fresh and original livestream series that informs, educates, and inspires the community and offers practical tools to take action as we move forward.  in the #SeasonofSharing episode we check out 'the good' with Dr. Stephen Blackwood - local philosopher, dad committed to a sustainable future, and a fan of Aristotle - as he shares ancient wisdom for our strange times.




family meal, 2019 style

children enjoying traditional dancing at the Multi Cultural Womens Organization celebration

three people standing in front of a Christmas tree.  one had just been screeched in.

an elf on the shelt elf with an eye covering in a cozy slipper in front of a bag of coffee

three people in front of a Christmas tree putting the decorations on

an oddball collection of people dressed in mummer suits with a group dressed in normal clothes

three red stockings hung by a chimney with care

two snowswept evergreen trees outdoors with glowing lights